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Crèmm Curators: 15 minutes with Mimi Elashiry 

December 20, 2019
Crèmm Curators: 15 minutes with Mimi Elashiry

This month’s muse, and the subject of our second installment of Crèmm curators, needs no introduction.

You’ll already know Mimi Elashiry from her career as a model and influencer. You probably even know she’s an accomplished dancer. However, we wanted to delve beneath the surface and find out what really makes her tick.

We caught up with Mimi to chat shoes, awkward conversations with Uber drivers, global warming and the importance of following your instincts (no matter how random they seem).

Name Mimi Elashiry

Age 24

Occupation dancer and model

Instagram: @mimielashiry

Hey Mimi...

If you had to pick five words to describe yourself what would they be? Libra, woman, sorceress, dancer, lover.

What’s the most unique thing about you? I’m unapologetically myself.

Tell us about what’s most important in your life? Love. Without love – and therefore respect, admiration and appreciation of self, family, friends, partners, and Mother Nature – what is left?

What are you most passionate about? Dancing. Full stop.

It’s almost the end of the year, but what are you working on right now? Myself! Aren't we all? Just the usual – balancing dancing, work, and play. My second boot design for pskaufman is also coming out soon. So that, and really making a conscious effort to connect with people genuinely, and to support and uplift those around me.

If you happen to have some spare time, how do you spend it? Between work, dancing full-time and travel for fun, I really don't have much spare time. But when I do have a moment, I fill it up fairly quickly with quality time with my dearest friends – perhaps a dinner, an adventure or the markets. If I feel like I need it, I spend my downtime alone to write and journal, move my body by doing some yoga or improvising dance. I will also tune into my body and be still and quiet.

Can you describe your fashion style? At the moment it’s pretty black on black on black. I like it... a lot.


And what about advice for those trying to figure out their personal style? Once I found a few designers where all their creations were something I loved, that’s when my style really evolved. Once I started to collect KITX and DSTM pieces I saw my style change rapidly as I was finally wearing garments I felt were a true expression of myself. That felt like me, like something I could conjure up in my mind to express how I felt that day. Or even the front I wanted to create to mask and maybe overcome the way I feel.

Dressing for me is an expression of how I feel, so my advice is to try and tap into that.

"Go with your gut feeling and begin collecting things that you feel really comfortable in, or you feel INCREDIBLE in (even if it’s uncomfortable to wear, this happens to me sometimes...)"

You must have an epic shoe collection. Tell us about your favourite pair of shoes. My pskaufman x Mimi Elashiry boots. Because I designed them with the amazing Paul Kaufman and I’m so proud of them.

What does Crèmm’s motto, ‘Own You’ mean to you? Being unapologetically true to myself, my expression of self, my morals, what I believe in, my vision, and not letting anything hinder my growth on this ever-changing journey with myself!

Have you ever felt pressure to follow the crowd or blend in?st Yes, I have. It’s easy in this industry when you are exposed to new ideas, to confuse conforming with trends and taking inspiration and making it your own. For me, it just took time. For a while, I was feeling uncomfortable, unhappy and not quite myself. Eventually, I came full circle and found myself again.

What advice would you give those who feel pressured to conform? It’s a constant evolution as a woman. Your body fluctuates and your style will continually shift as you experience life, and that’s okay. I think that accepting impermanence is the first step. Trends, your body, your feelings, your location, environment, climate, seasons are all constantly changing, and therefore so are you! Go with your gut feeling, as long as you feel good – you’ll radiate joy from the inside out. And then naturally, you wear your confidence and look good.


Images created for Crèmm by Mimi

If you could tell a stranger one thing about yourself, what would it be? When asked what I do, I always tell strangers (Uber drivers) that I am a dancer and then make up an elaborate story to avoid the awkward modeling conversation.

And if you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? Immediately substitute (at no cost to the people) all cars and sources of electricity that use fossil fuels and ban the mining/burning of them. The fossil fuel industry is the number one contributor to global warming.

What’s next for you? I’ll be continuing my second year of full-time dance training at Transit Dance and juggling that with work. I would LOVE to go see my grandparents in Egypt, and visit my mum’s friends in Japan. I am excited to see what adventures and surprises unfold in 2020. I never force anything, if it’s effortless, then I will follow the flow!

Finally, where do you see yourself in five years? I’m a big believer in instinct and gut feelings. When asked a question and something pops into your mind – like it’s the first thing you genuinely thought – then you have to at the very least acknowledge it, and even better, roll with it. So, when I heard this question my eyeballs gazed up and I thought: living in New York. I can’t really elaborate on this because I am not exactly sure why it popped into my mind... why I would be there or how I will get there, but hey – sounds fun!

Video created by Mimi for Crèmm

Quickfire questions

I’m most proud of... myself.

Creativity is... expressed through different mediums.

My favourite podcast is… I wish it didn't have ads but, Almost 30.

If I was an animal I’d be... a snake

My celebrity crush is… A$ap Rocky. Original, I know.

If I was a shoe, I’d be... a black, patent leather stiletto with toe cleavage.

My last meal would be... melon with prosciutto, burrata, some slow-cooked lamb, bread, tonnes of butter, a glass of orange wine, and this particular salted olive oil chocolate mousse from BARRA in Berlin. I can’t really explain it... but it’s insane.

I’d spend my last $500 on... my sisters.

I can’t live without... coconut oil.

My favourite person is... my mum.

My ultimate holiday destination... Tulum. Ugh. Take me back. My goodness, it’s like Mykonos and Bali made a baby and invited all the Burning Man DJs to celebrate.

If I could have one wish it’d be… for all my joints to be made of a super-strong but insanely malleable fibre so that I have unlimited flexibility and stability but never get injured.

The last pair of shoes I purchased were… Louboutin Mad Maxime boots.

For Christmas, I want... to cook with mum in the kitchen and eat all her delicious recipes.


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